Patterned Protective Paneling

Meet Tekstur. Made with sustainable materials, these durable, decorative panels feature extraordinary impact, water, and fire resistance.

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Kitchen Backsplash: Basics G2 - Ebony 101
Elevator Paneling: Industrial i2 - Ebony 101
Hospital Wall Panels: Basics H3 - Warm Gray 871
Elevator Lobby Paneling - Vox Media - Basics P1 - Ebony 101

Simple Repetition.

Tekstur is the solution to a common problem. Most polycarbonate, MDF and acrylic decorative panels have limited durability. They are subject to cracking, chipping, staining and other product degradation. Thus, minimizing their life-span.

Tekstur paneling is perfect for: Hallways, Lobbies, Elevator Cabs, Feature Walls, Wainscoting, Restaurants, Back-Splash, Stair Treads, Cabinet Facing, Climbing Walls, Exterior Facade, Toilet Partitions, Garden Dividers, Gym Wall Cladding, Healthcare Facilities, Theatrical Set Design, and much more...

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CNC programmer inspecting Tekstur panels on CNC machine

Durability in Design

We created Tekstur panels from materials with extraordinary impact, water, and fire resistance. The materials used are some of the healthiest, most sustainable products in the world.

By way of our reductive process and design team, we have created a brand that takes these materials beyond their practical applications, and transforms them into utilitarian works of art. Tekstur is both visual and tactile in nature. Not only do the patterned surfaces draw in the eye, but they invite the viewer to touch the material, to engage with the design.

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CNC Cutting Custom Parts

We Provide the Whole Solution

Our team is capable of prefabricating to your specification, delivering a ready-to-install product. This can even include recessed mounting hardware. Custom patterns? No problem.

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Proven Durability

This Tekstur paper-composite panel was hit 20 times in the same spot, with a 20 ounce claw hammer. This material, has always spoken for itself in terms of durability, but we wanted to make this video to hammer in the point.

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