Tekstur FAQ's

  • What is Tekstur?

    Tekstur is a leading brand of sustainable, architectural surfaces and solutions for the Architecture, Design and Build industry. We combine highly durable materials with innovative engraving processes to produce visually stunning, tactile surfaces. Tekstur panel products are used for walls, partitions, furniture, millwork an other architectural applications.

  • What Materials are used in the Tekstur Line of Products?

    Tekstur Panel products are made from various high performance, sustainable panel products such as recycled paper-phenolic, high pressure paper-phenolic and cork products.

  • How are Tekstur Panels of manufactured?

    Our team of experts utilizes CAD/CAM design software and 3 axis milling techniques to engrave patterns into the surfaces of various materials. The arduous R&D process yields panel products that are balanced, efficient to process and manufactured to specification.

  • What sizes are available?

    Tekstur Panels come in various sizes depending on the material. The paper-phenolic panels are available in 4’ x 10’ panels and range from 1/8” to 3⁄4” in thickness. The cork panels are 2’ x 3’ and range in thickness from 3⁄4” to 2”. Due to the tight tolerances in manufacturing, panels can be sequenced for long, uninterrupted runs.

  • Can I order custom sizes?

    The panels are only offered in the specified sizes above, however, our in house services include the ability to cut to size and/or provide cut packages. We can machine and deliver your custom parts....ready to install!

  • Can I create my own pattern?

    We encourage design professionals to take advantage of our ability to turn their ideas into actual products. To receive a quote on a custom pattern, please click here.

  • How do I specify a Tekstur Panel in my project?

    Our team of skilled sales people are trained to look at your drawings, to understand your concepts and make recommendations based on the application and your project goals. We have SKU system to ensure you list the correct Tekstur Panel on your product schedule.

  • What are the sustainable attributes of the Tekstur line of Products?

    We take great care in selecting materials that offer a multitude of sustainable attributes. Our paper-phenolic products are made from various percentages of recycled and renewable materials, FSC certified paper, zero & low VOC phenolic resins and Greenguard Certfied. Innovative Waste-to-Energy strategies are employed during manufacturing. Tekstur Panels can contribute to LEED certification. For a full list of attributes click here.

  • What tools & techniques are needed to fabricate a Tekstur panel?

    Tekstur Panels can be fabricated with traditional woodworking tools and processes. The panels can be cut and machined to high tolerances without splitting or tear out. The surfaces need minimal treatment and in some applications may not need any additional applied finishes. Please download the Fabrication Manual for comprehensive fabrication and installation instructions.

  • How do I install a Tekstur panel?

    Tekstur Panels can be installed with standard industry products and processes. We recommend the Button-Fix and Monarch Z-Clip systems, as well as, a line of specialty industrial tapes. Please consult with ones of our expert sales people to recommend the best system for your project.

  • Can I glue Tekstur Panels directly to the wall?

    We do not recommend gluing Tekstur panels directly to the wall. Tekstur panels are generally classified as full thickness millwork panels and should be installed along the same guidelines as architectural grade plywood plywood and/or full thickness composite panels. In some cases when a “veneered” application is needed, for example curved or bent lamination, 1/8” thick Tekstur panels can be laminated to a bendable substrate such as kerf core plywood. A full glue spread is required.

  • How do I maintain a Tekstur Panel after it has been installed?

    Maintenance will vary depending on the chosen material and its application. Because of it’s durable attributes, the recycled paper-phenolic panels will typically need very little maintenance. If there is scuffing, in most cases, wiping the surface without a mild soap & water mixture will remove the scuff. If the panels somehow take on severe damage, you can order a duplicate replacement panel.

  • Are Tekstur Panels Warranteed?

    Yes, Tekstur Panels have a 5 year Limited Warranty. Click Here Download the Warranty. We also have a recycling program for panels that want to be returned after being de-installed. Please contact us to learn more.

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